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Business Alchemist Package

Business Alchemist Package

Business Package

Business Package offers a one-on-one opportunity to understand how experiences from your past create “imprints” that block you from allowing your business to grow. In the initial consultation, Liz will identify various points in your life that have “imprinted” to and are buried deep in your psyche. Some of these “imprints” and "triggers" are even subconscious, at this point, Liz will assist in triggering details to help you identify that imprint to give you the ability to help grow your business.


This is your period of self realization through imprint identification. You will walk away from this first appointment with a better understanding of how ‘imprints” have been affecting your business. During your second appointment, you will explore these imprints in depth to help you get to a point of understanding how they no longer serve you and you will be able to clear them from your life forever. Then Liz will provide tools for you to be able to pro-actively clear and release these limiting emotions when they come up and they will no longer have an impact on your life and your business. Releasing these limitations will allow you to move forward in your business.  


**Prices vary on this service.

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