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           Transforming everything

        with love through forgiveness.

Liz operates solely on a referral basis, meaning individuals must be referred to her in order to connect. If you feel drawn to reach out and connect with her, you are encouraged to do so. Depending on divine guidance, Liz may offer a clarity session to those who feel called to seek her assistance. Feel free to initiate contact if you sense a resonance with her approach and believe she may be able to provide guidance and support on your journey.​

Liz Ludwig's practice encompasses three fundamental areas of life: relationships, finances, and health. In each session, Liz delves into these aspects guided by the prompts from the subconscious mind. This intuitive process directs her to focus on the specific areas where insights and guidance are most needed for the individual. By attuning to the subconscious signals, Liz ensures that the information channeled and the guidance offered are precisely tailored to address the client's concerns and aspirations in each of these vital domains. Whether it's navigating complexities in relationships, achieving financial stability, or enhancing overall health and well-being, Liz's approach is finely attuned to the unique needs of each client, allowing for comprehensive support and transformation across various facets of life.

Using Liz Ludwig's distinctive approach, individuals tap into their subconscious mind, allowing her to interpret its messages and connect them with divine guidance. With this method, she serves as a conduit for God's messages, providing clients with the right insights and directions. Over the years, Liz has assisted thousands of clients in releasing fear and overcoming blockages. Through her clearings, she facilitates the influx of love, forgiveness, and abundance into their lives. Her unique ability to bridge the gap between the subconscious and divine wisdom has brought transformative changes to many.

Hear what Liz's Clients have to say!

 “I went to Liz not knowing what to expect or even what I wanted to accomplish, but felt drawn to go – and I’m so glad I did. Liz was able to read my emotions and where I was in my life with an uncanny accuracy. Using her special intuitive, spiritual gifts, Liz helped me recognize experiences from my past and triggers that were blocking my path to a healthy, happy future. She enabled me to better understand events in my life and to see those experiences in a different way. Using her spiritual connection, Liz helped me let go of emotional baggage that was impacting my life and happiness, and helped me recognize my own self-worth and my ability to bring more joy into my life.”  M.K

"One session with Liz allowed me to let go of emotional pain from my past that was affecting me today. Her approach is like no other I have ever seen. I was shocked at how I felt and amazed at the impact it had on my business. I can already see the benefits it is having on my personal relationships. EVERYONE should experience this because they are worthy of all that they desire."

Christina Wagner

"Been on the struggle bus for awhile? Had a bad experience with counseling? Then Liz is for you! Just when I felt I had lost my way, one path was ending and facing an uncertain future, I found Liz. Liz being intuitive, has opened doors that I shut and helped open my eyes, with clarity, to walk my intended path and relieve myself of self persecution that has weighed me down for far too long.​"


"I was fustrated in the last few days how to make money ect. Today I came to the revelation that I want to write my third book not taking into account where the money will come from. Thank you Liz for all of your support and teachings. You are amazing!"


"Liz is an amazing spiritual guru. She has transformed my life and business in the most profound way. It’s a blessing to work with her. I have watched my business and personal life flourish in this past year that she has coached and guided me." 


"I have recently begun to work with Liz.  I find her to be an insightful and gifted healer and teacher. Her gifts are extraordinary and I'm grateful that the Universe has brought us together to learn, teach and grow. Liz's has an amazing ability and incredible technique to clear blocks and imprints and to shift the trajectory of one's life." 


Energy Healer Au Fait

"Through true divine intervention a stranger talked to me about Liz and I knew I had to reach out to her because specific areas in my life were not working well yet and I knew that subconscious belief systems must hold me back. Liz has truly changed my life through her Divine channeling and clearing deep soul woundings that I created energetically over and over again. She is truly a guide, a magical transformer and clearer of subconscious belief systems besides supporting me on my path.
She truly is a gift in my life and I am forever thankful for how much she has helped me to become finally free of limited beliefs.
I highly recommend her to everyone who is willing to do the work!!!

Saharra White Wolf

"I have been acquainted with Liz  for the past two years acting as my business consultant. I have found her insights invaluable and extraordinary. I would, without question recommend her services."​

P. S

Coeur D Alene, Idaho

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